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How to choose the right size for women's shoes


Foot measure Get a sheet of paper, a pen and a ruler. Then lay your bare foot on the sheet of paper. Trying to keep the entire plant well on the ground, make a mark at the two ends of your foot (at the heel and in front of the tip of the longest finger).
Measure the distance between the two marks as precisely as possible (rounding up to the upper millimeter if necessary).


See the table on the right to determine the exact size for your women's shoes.
If the exact size of your foot is not shown in the table but is between two sizes, we recommend choosing the largest size.

NB. The table refers to standard Italian measures.

Foot size (cm) Shoe size (IT)
22,4 35
22,9 36
23,8 37
24,3 38
25,1 39
25,4 40
26,3 41
How to choose the right size for women's shoes