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Choose winter women's lace-up shoes for a personal style

Androgynous and refined looks, for a truly surprising final effect choose winter women's lace-up shoes . A wide variety of models enriched with studs, bows and metal accessories to make a truly unique attention to detail even more evident. Choose your favorite model and create new and original outfits.

Ballerine Loafers Lace-up shoes

18 products found



Allacciata 3479 Allacciata 3479

95,00 €

Stringata 9530 Stringata 9530

Stringata Beira

Leather lace-up with nikel pearls border

89,90 €

Stringata 9504 Stringata 9504

Stringata 9504

Made of burgundy taupe leather

79,00 €

Stringata 3702 Stringata 3702

Stringata 3702

Lace-up in black coconut with striped bottom

99,00 €

Stingata 2403 Stingata 2403

Stingata 2403

Lace-up in black leather with 2 cm heel embellished with buttons

89,90 €

Stringata 904 Stringata 904

Stringata 904

Laced black church type leather

59,90 €

Stringata 3702 Stringata 3702

Stringata 3702

Coffee-colored coconut lace-up with striped bottom

99,00 €

Stringata 9501 Stringata 9501

Stringata 9501

Black leather dovetail lace-up

79,00 €

Stringata 9500 Stringata 9500

Stringata 9500

Lace-up in black leather

79,00 €

Stringata Bonete Stringata Bonete

Stringed Cap

Lace-up in black leather with zipper


92,65 €

Allacciata Braies Allacciata Braies

Laced Braies

The bicolor black and burgundy church type leather is trimmed


53,94 €

Allacciata Braies Allacciata Braies

Laced Braies

Laced black church type leather


53,94 €

Allacciata Forio Allacciata Forio

Laced Forio

Suede lace-up with high sole


47,94 €

Stringata Jesi Stringata Jesi

Stringata You are

Church style lace-up in black leather with studs


59,94 €

Allacciata Elettra Allacciata Elettra

Laced Elettra

Laced in black leather with leather insert


53,40 €

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Women's winter lace-up shoes
An androgyny that derives from the contrast of a purely male shoe with a women's clothing can be a courageous choice but suitable for the woman with personality who wants to amaze with her outfit. Choose the model of women's winter lace-up shoes and combine them with mini dresses, tight jeans and full skirts, creating fun and unusual looks.
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